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What would a cafe be without an old time jukebox sitting in the corner? The songs listed below were recorded and are being presented exclusively by Prosanity World Cafe.
  • Bad Moon Rising (356KB ZIP Archive; WAV Formatted)
    In addition to the Beatles, Scott also likes CCR. Here is a 26-second long recording of the CCR hit (plus, it was easy to learn because it is only 3 chords) played through the amplifier.
  • Eight Days a Week (840KB ZIP Archive; WAV Formatted)
    The first song that Scott learned to play. This version is about a minute long, and was played through an amplifier into the PC.
  • Jack and Diane (326KB ZIP Archive; WAV Formatted)
    Scott's attempt at figuring out how to play this song by John Cougar Mellencamp. This version was played directly into the PC and is about 47 seconds long.
  • She Loves You (480KB ZIP Archive; WAV Formatted)
    Scott was sitting around one night, and decided to plug his electric guitar directly into his PC. The file contains a 46-second recording of the popular Beatles song, played without an amplifier.
  • Frosty the Snowman (22KB MIDI Formatted)
    Recorded by Gary for an online holiday card on which Scott had been working.