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It's been a while, but that means nothing ...
Tuesday, November 16, 2004 10:15p

Like I said, it getting harder and harder to post these things. I've got a little bit of free-time, so I figured that I would do some updates to the site. However, I don't know how often I will make new posts. That's okay. I don't know how often anybody reads this stuff anyway.

I've added a few new pages, and have done some updates to the Kerri chatterbot. I've even caught up with some of the emails, and to answer the most common question once and for all: no, I will never add adult dialog to the Kerri bot.

Grow up.

This past year has been one of great change. It's very strange, and I couldn't have guessed that it all would have happened the way that it did. I've lost a few close friends, but I've been lucky enough to make a few more. I guess that's just the way that life goes.

One of the greatest experiences was being best man at my best friend's wedding on October 9th. You know, sometimes you get hung up with all of the weirdness in the world, and you forget about the people who are most important to you. If you ever get the chance to do something like that, don't think twice about it -- just do it. Trust me.

Several of my rapid friends (that is, friends whom I have met riding into work on the rapid) have also gone. Some have retired, some have stopped working due to health issues, and one moved away and now drives to work. Occasionally, I still bump into them, but it's not as common anymore. Still, I'll give you one guess who's still on the rapid ...

Yes ... "Cellphone Dick" is alive and well one year later, bravely fighting to make the world a safer place for polyphonic ring tones. It's wild, nomatter how my schedule changes, nomatter which station at which I board, I see him on the rapid at least once a week. I'm amazed that his ear isn't glowing by now. Although, to be honest about the situation, his cell phone has made fewer and fewer appearances as the months have gone by. Still, it's weird that he is always there.

Maybe he is some sort of prophet or messenger in my life. Maybe there is some cosmic destiny that keeps our commuter karma in perfect harmony. Or maybe he just serves to illustrate a deeper lesson about life: it's the annoying ones who seem to last the longest.

Yeah, I think that last one makes the most sense. [ smile ]

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